Privacy Policy

Any information required to process your order including credit card or other payment information collected by Custom Card Canada  will only be used to process and ship your order. 

To protect your privacy and the confidential nature of any information that you provide to us related to payment, the information is encrypted to prevent interception and from time to time we update our mutual security to ensure that all such information is fully protected.

We use Secure Sockets Layer ( SSL) technology supported by the vast majority of browsers on the internet and more particularly:

  • encrypts information while travelling over the internet
  • verifies the identity of the server using a certificate and digital signature and;
  • verifies that the original content of a message arrives at a destination.

We do not share any information gathered with any third parties other than as required by the card or payment processing agent to facilitate the processing of your order.  We do not share any lists of clients nor rent or sell such lists to third parties, You in turn agree to provide accurate and complete information to us so that your order may be processed expeditiously.

From time to time we may post testimonials to our website but we will not use your name or attribute the testimonial to you without your express written permission.

We may from time to time send you information about any special offers for products that we sell or details about  new products that we are offering. If you do not wish to receive such information please advise us by e-mail at and we will remove your name from our list.  It is not our policy to  inundate customers with e-mails but endeavor to provide you from time to time with information that may be helpful to you in making future purchase decisions.

Where we have provided third party links, these links are governed by their own privacy policies which we urge you to review when visiting such sites.  Generally our links contain helpful information from our suppliers as well as specifications for the products offered where applicable.